House Rules

  • Fazenda expects its visitors to have a tolerant and positive attitude towards the diverse population groups, genders, religions, and cultures present.
  • In Fazenda Club, we enforce a dress code: stylish and well-groomed, so no sportswear or flip-flops.
  • Treat the ladies with respect.
  • Fazenda Club only allows safe sex. Always use a CE condom for all sexual activities. Condoms and lubricants are freely available in the club.
  • Our ladies have the right to refuse you or a specific sexual act.
  • It is strictly prohibited to force a lady into unsafe sex, alcohol consumption, or drug use.
  • Good hygiene is essential for both you and our ladies. Staff is always available to answer questions about safety or hygiene.
  • Drugs and weapons are prohibited in Fazenda Club.
  • The use of cameras or video equipment (including mobile phones) is prohibited.
  • Taking, moving, or damaging property belonging to Fazenda Club, including glassware and bottles, is also strictly prohibited. The person causing damage is responsible for it.
  • In case of emergency, always follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Please alert the bar staff in case of complaints. We will address your complaint as soon as possible